Sustainability Edu-Fun at Oakridge Mall Solar Wind

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cooperative Auto Network's Sustainability Event at Oakridge Centre Mall in Vancouver BC Canada Photos of this Special Event

These are photos of the edu-tainment (educational entertainment) at the auditorium of the Oakridge Centre Mall to celebrate the newest location of the Cooperative Auto Network in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Participants also included the Gifted Children's Association of BC, Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, Gordon Wong and E-Ride of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, consumer buying group, One Day from the sustainability group at the City of Vancouver, Silbury School & Resource Centre for the Gifted, and Junkology.

Solar Power Roadshow gave away about 300 revived batteries to support the Vancouver Public Library, which ran an overdue-fine drive in conjunction with this special event.

For cyclists, Steve Sutherland, a master bike mechanic and proprietor of Atomic Bikes, provided free repairs.

Thanks to everyone for this!